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    All products are carefully packed and protected. Any order for a product available is delivered by Colissimo later than Saturday of the week in which payment is received. In case of custom fees, the additional costs are billed and charged at the time of shipment.

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     We are base world Wide France ! Olivier Elissalt, au 336 85 07 45 03 et

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    Vive le train !

The narrow gauges lanes in all scales

HOe, HOm, Oe Om equipment

Aubertrain™ provides french narrow gauge rolling stock, locomotives, buildings and more in both HO (e + m) and O (e +m) scales : Provence, Breton railway, Sarthe and many other railways lines and material are reproduced. We use mainly lasercut wood technics and brass in our own workshop (France, Spain & Argentina).
Aubertrain is the only provider for Trochita and Transandine argentinian railways with a full range of products in both scales O and HO : for the 750 mm Trochita railway, we offer the full range of coaches and freight cars in both scales On30 & HOe ! Master kits delivered with MTL trucks (HOe) and genuine Aubertrain brass trucks and wheels (On30). Very fine & cute productions with a lot of details and fittings.
For the Transandine railway we work hard on the HOm Cooper 95 T, single & twin bodies with a version of the stock car and the box car used on that railway line. It's a marvelous railway that passes through the andean "Cordillera" up to 4000 m. The Mendoza valley is a so nice shell for that marvelous line. A path that connects the argentinian windy and arid valleys and plateaus to chilean sweets & temperate hills, bathed in soft, warm pacific mist. A place where the spirit breathes
We also provide all our models ready to run weathered or not.